Cheap travel advice from travel booking companies

How to spend a lot less money on your next vacation.

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Start early (but not too early)

Fares can go up in the blink of an eye, so it’s best to start researching your trip well in advance. The sooner the better, but don’t be overzealous— recommends booking domestic flights an average of 47 days (and for international flights, 60 days) in advance for the best rates. Outside of these date ranges, airlines are unlikely to advertise competitively. This is what airlines won’t tell you about safety, disgusting airplane habits, etc.

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Check rates often

Become a regular visitor to your favorite travel booking sites – this could give you the best bet of getting a good deal. According to Jeff Klee, CEO of, airlines typically have 10 to 15 different prices for each flight, so their fares can fluctuate within hours. Logging in in advance will give you a good idea of ​​the expected rates; that way you will recognize a deal when it comes up. Once you do, be ready to pounce. “While everyone wants to get a good deal, you can’t be obsessed with finding bargain prices,” Klee said. US News. “Once you see a good deal, grab it. If you see a good deal during the day, chances are it will change in the evening.

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