WW3: North Korean Tour Guide Admits “We WANT to Fight America” ​​in Secret Video | World | New

Kim Jong-un vowed to work for the denuclearization of North Korea when he met with US President Donald Trump in June. However, things haven’t changed yet and Kim sent a warning that relations could hit rock bottom again during his New Year’s speech. The 35-year-old threatened to take “a new path” with him. the country’s nuclear weapons if US sanctions were not lifted.

However, secret video footage captured from 2017 suggests that the rogue state is already preparing to take action.

Two undercover journalists, who have chosen to remain anonymous, have successfully smuggled a camera into North Korea to reveal the truth, which is highly prohibited.

Video footage shows how even tour guides appear to be brainwashed by their dictator’s propaganda.

Watching American soldiers in the demilitarized Zoned, the young woman confides: “The enemies, I really want to avenge them.

“If the United States provokes the Korean War again, we will crush them and we will not make anyone sign the surrender. document.

“Who better than Marshal Kim Jong-un to stand up to them?”

“Our army is very strong – we have nuclear power [missiles] and H-bombs, we have all kinds of military services.

“So we are never afraid, our people want to fight the United States.”

The clip is part of Amazon Prime documentary “Kim Jong-un: The Man Who Rules North Korea”.

It arrives less than a week before Kim celebrates her 36th birthday, although her actual age was very much contested.

North Korean authorities and state media have clarified that Kim’s date of birth is January 8 1982, but South Korean intelligence officials believe the real date is a year later.

The year is believed to have been changed for symbolic reasons as 1982 marks 70 years after the birth of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and 40 years after the official birth of his father Kim Jong-il.

The US Treasury Department says Kim Jong-un’s official date of birth is January 8 1984, and former basketball star Dennis Rodman said this was the real date.

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