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Hazza is actually a Kazakh who spent three years studying and working in the UAE until he learned to speak Arabic fluently.

Sporting the traditional Emirati Kandoora and Agal, Hazza, 23, is the manifestation of the strong relations between Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

Contrary to the impression his name gives, Hazza is actually a Kazakh who spent three years studying and working in the United Arab Emirates until he learned to speak Arabic fluently.

Originally from Almaty, Hazza – real name Azamat Al Matawi – is now a tour guide for Emirati tourists to Kazakhstan.

“Last summer, I opened a travel agency with my friends. We have received over 300 groups of GCC nationals, and 99% of them are Emiratis as they do not need a visa to enter the country, ”said Hazza, a name given to him by his friends. emiratis.

He studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies in Almaty in 2011 and then practiced the language at Al Qasimia University in Sharjah.

“Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran and Hadith. It is the language of a strong and immense culture, which is why I chose to learn it,” Hazza said.

He highlighted the similarities between the Kazakh and Emirati culture which prompted him to consider the UAE as his area of ​​interest.

“Like the United Arab Emirates, we come from a Bedouin background. We love to cut and hunt with hawks,” he said. And since Astana is a relatively modern city that was named the capital of Kazakhstan only 20 years ago, Hazza advises tourists to visit Almaty, the country’s largest city.

“Almaty is the city of nature, mountains and rivers with great tourist attractions and I always advise tourists to visit,” Hazza said.

He noted that while the country’s economy is very rich, the tourism industry needs to be improved.

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